The NY Pie Story & Greg Meyer…Greg grew up in New Jersey working as a teenager in pizzerias with first generation Italians who grew up in New York.  In both New York and New Jersey, Greg learned tricks of the trade like making fresh dough and sauce.

After several persistent requests from Greg, his first mentor told him that he could have a job as soon as he was tall enough to see over the counter.  Thankfully, Greg had tall genes….at 12 and 13, the jobs were not so glorious as he assembled pizza boxes from flat pieces of cardboard and cleaned the restrooms [for those of you that have 12 year olds, can you imagine just how clean those restrooms were?]  From there, he learned to make dough from scratch, hand-toss the dough, make the sauce, and finally make signature New York pizza.

Over the years, Greg developed his own Italian recipes and “secrets” into what is now “NY Pie”.  New York pizza has fairly specific traits — a thin and crispy crust, the right amount of quality sauce (not too much so that you can taste the flavor!!) and premium cheese.

What Makes NY Pie Real New York Pizza?

  1. Fresh home-made dough prepared from scratch fresh daily – no frozen dough here
  2. Dough hand-tossed to a thin, even crust (it’s harder than it looks!)
  3. Brick ovens – from pizza peel to oven – no conveyor belt ovens and no screens
  4. Fresh sauce made daily from imported Italian tomatoes
  5. Premium grade cheese
  6. Experience!!!
  7. Love for the Art

Today, Greg and his wife Jessica  have two beautiful girls who were born in 2002 and 2007 – Holly and Naomi. Holly aspires to be famous and Naomi thinks whatever Holly does is cool.

NY Pie is Greg’s 3rd pizzeria, but the first in Nashville. Greg sold the other two places when he moved South. Greg loves Nashville– the people and the city – as much as we all love the perfect slice of pizza.


Real Brick Ovens

Greg Meyer Making Fresh Dough